'The Bachelorette' Recap: Shock Exit Brings Heartache

PHOTO: Some of the men are reticent about making jokes at Ashleys expense, but William decides to go for it, with disastrous results, bringing the Bachelorette to tears.PlayABC News
WATCH 'The Bachelorette's Shocking Walk-Off

A shock exit on this week's episode of "The Bachelorette" saw one of the reality series' main contenders say that he had openly courted bachelorette Ashley Hebert while privately admitting that he wasn't attracted to her and didn't plan to remain throughout the show's full season.

Bentley Williams quit "The Bachelorette" on Monday night's episode after he confessed to cameras that he'd been disappointed when he discovered that Hebert was this season's bachelorette -- rather than former "The Bachelor" contestant Emily Maynard.

"Ashley's a sweet girl, but there's no question that Ashley doesn't have the check list that I am looking for in a future wife," Williams said on Monday night's episode. "I can tell you right now it's not going to work. I have to be honest with you I could almost care less. Things could have turned out differently if the Bachelorette was Emily."

The series, which gives the opportunity for the runner-up on the reality dating series "The Bachelor" to be courted by 25 eligible single men, is in its seventh season; this was the 2011 season's third episode.

Hebert was admittedly smitten with Williams, a divorced 28-year-old business owner from Tampa, Florida.

"He seems to be everything I am looking for," Hebert said on the show. "There's no doubt in my mind my heart is with Bentley right now."

But Herbert, a 26-year-old dental student from Maine, had been warned off of Williams by Michelle Money, a former contestant with Hebert on "The Bachelor."

Money had told Hebert that Williams -- who has a young daughter -- was only on the show because he wanted to promote his business.

"A couple days ago I received a message from a friend of mine telling me that I should be warned about Bentley," Money said. "Apparently he's coming on the show to promote his job."

Tears, Consolation and Heartbreak

Early in the episode, the petite Hebert suffered an emotional blow during a comedy roast of her when another contestant -- William Holman -- joked about her small chest and made other disparaging remarks about her desirability.

After the roast, Hebert said that she felt "beat up" and "vulnerable," and left to cry. Williams soon approached her to offer comfort -- but later revealed to cameras that he only did so because he wanted to advance in the competition, and didn't want to miss an opportunity to "mess with her head."

Though Hebert soon confessed that she is completely smitten by the seemingly sweet Williams, saying that her "heart races when I'm with him," Williams' intentions were decidedly crueler.

"I'd rather be swimming in pee" than planning a wedding with Ashley, Williams said, adding that Hebert's kissing "started out good, but it kind of sucked at the end."

Williams soon decided that it was time to announce to Hebert that he will be making his exit from "The Bachelorette."

"I'm going to make Ashley cry, but I hope my hair looks okay," Williams told cameras before speaking with Hebert. He told her that the fact that he misses his daughter is the reason for his early departure.

Williams said that there was "a lot of crying" from Hebert. "A lot of crying. It's annoying to just hold a girl that's just crying and crying and crying."

When Williams leaves the house, Herbert cried "Why? Why? Why?" and said that she's "heartbroken," and felt that Williams was the man for her.

"My heart is totally broken," Hebert said. "I don't know what to do. I don't know what to do. Why this? Why? I am ready for my time. I am ready for my happy ending and I thought it was with him."

'I fell for him," she told host Chris Harrison just before the rose ceremony at the end of the episode.

Meanwhile Holman, who apologized for his harsh comments about Herbert's body during the comedy roast earlier in the episode, got a second chance in the episode's closing ceremony when he received a rose from Hebert -- a symbol meaning he will remain on the show.