'Breaking Bad' Star Bryan Cranston Admits That He's Begging for a 'Star Wars' Role

But will it work?

While it seems unlikely at this point that he could appear in that film, which debuts December 18, Cranston is setting his sights on pals Rian Johnson and Gareth Edwards, who are, respectively, directing "Star Wars: Episodes VIII" and "Star Wars: Anthology — Rogue One."

"I'm just buttering them up like, 'You know, I'm available...'"

"You have to make sure that ... you're on their minds so that they go, 'Wait a minute: What about Bryan for ...?'" Cranston explained, noting, "Because there are a lot of people out there and all of them are vying for a job on those movies, because it's historic."

As for work on another Star franchise — as in Trek — Cranston insists rumors he was playing a baddie in the third film are just that: rumors.