'Bachelor In Paradise' Villain Chad Explains His Shocking Antics

The former "Bachelorette" contestant was asked to leave after one night.

ByABC News
August 2, 2016, 11:50 PM

— -- Chad Johnson made a lot of enemies on the first night of "Bachelor in Paradise," and as a result, Chris Harrison asked him to leave the show.

In an interview before the episode aired, the reality TV star told ABC News that he regretted drinking so much.

He also explained that that type of behavior is uncommon for him.

"I don’t normally drink. I drink maybe like once every one or two months. And especially when you’re super low body fat, it affects you a lot differently," he said. "If you eat super-healthy for two months straight, don't drink at all and then you have a full bottle of champagne before you even start filming, some weird things are probably going to happen."

Toward the end of the episode, Johnson, furious that he was asked to leave the show, yelled and cursed at Harrison. However, in spite of the drama, Harrison, who marveled that "in 15 years, no one has really verbally undressed me," told reporters that Johnson isn't a villain through-and-through.

"Chad's not a bad person," he told reporters. "I wanted him to redeem himself and again, we gave him enough rope to hang himself and he did. And it was not good. He has some issues and I hope he deals with them. I hope he gets better because it wasn't pretty. It was a classic Mount Vesuvius meltdown."

Harrison also acknowledged that he did not originally intend to make Johnson leave. However, when the reality TV villain refused to apologize for actions, he believed he had no other choice.

"He was really glib and inappropriate, and it really pissed me off," he said. "He was rude to me, and in the middle of it, I just made the decision and said, 'You know what? I'm done. You’re out.' That’s the beauty of the power I have here in paradise: 'I see how you’re making everybody feel, and now you’re pissing me off. I’m done. Get out of my house.'"