Claudia Schiffer says her 400-year-old English manor is haunted

Claudia Schiffer shares photos from her haunted 1574 English manor.

Schiffer recently opened the doors of her Tudor-style mansion, which sits on 530 acres in the English countryside, to Architectural Digest, which features the home in its September issue.

The historic 1574 mansion known as Coldham Hall is built in the shape of an H in honor of King Henry VIII and was supposedly christened by Queen Elizabeth I, who was served cold ham when she stayed there. The home remained with the original family for over three centuries before Schiffer and Vaughn purchased it.

"We have a lot of history to live up to," the 46-year-old former supermodel told AD.

Fortunately, the couple have embraced the home's historic pedigree, including its supernatural visitors.

"We hear creaking noises and strange things happen sometimes, like the music comes on," Schiffer said. "We had a medium go around, and she told us that actually all the ghosts in the house are lovely. No one needs to be scared. We welcome all the ghosts, basically."