"Bachelor" fans have been waiting for months to see Chris Soules look for love this season.

The farmer from Iowa said that the wait will be worth it and tonight's premiere is especially dramatic.

"There was one [woman] that sort of took my breath away. It kind of made me blush, almost," he said during an appearance on "Good Morning America." "She told me that I could plow her field any day. It was cute. At first, I was like, ‘OK, wait a minute, what do we got going on here?’ But I actually got to meet her and she’s a classy girl."

However, she was just one of 30 women that Soules, 33, met during the first night on the show. As he reflected on the night, Soules said that some of the women went to great lengths to get noticed and there were several "wild" entrances.

"It was quite a night," he said. "Pretty overwhelming for a small-town farm boy to be dating 30 women at once, 29 more than I’m used to dating, obviously. It was pretty exciting."

Though he didn't say whether he got engaged at the end, Soules said that his hope was to fall in love and, hopefully, move back to Iowa with the woman of his dreams.

"I went into this process with an open mind and an open heart to want to just truly find love," he said. "Hopefully, everything else will fall into place."