Josh Gad definitely gave it the old college try.

While working with co-star Daisy Ridley filming "Murder on the Orient Express," Gad posted a fun video to Facebook asking her all about her other film out this year, "Star Wars: The Last Jedi."

The clip opens with her not yet fully dressed for filming as she says, "You wanted to ask me something."

"I had an important question to ask you. ... It's about today's scene," he says, before changing the subject. "Who are the 'Last Jedi'?”

She laughs, then adds, "You are not doing this, Josh."

"Is it one or is it more than one?" he continues, alluding to a single or multiple “Last Jedi.”

So the move title could be a reference to Luke Skywalker or Ridley's character, Rey, or something else entirely.

Ridley, 24 fires back, "I can't ask you about 'Frozen 2.'"

"I'll tell you that Olaf is in 'Frozen 2,'" Gad, 35, jokes. "Is it more than one Jedi. Is it ominous, it sounds ominous."

Watch the full clip below!