'Dancing with the Stars' Maksim Chmerkovskiy Spills Proposal Secrets

The "Dancing with the Stars" pro dancer says no one knew he was set to propose.

The former "bad boy of the ballroom" revealed to Entertainment Tonight that no one knew he was about to pop the question, not even his parents.

"I have a big circle of people that I've accumulated over the years that are now her friends and her family, and if you say just the closest few, [that would be] like 50 people, so I decided not to say anything to anybody. No mom, no dad," he said.

"I also wanted it to be kind of like a surprise for everybody," the 35-year-old continued. "Everybody had an amazing moment that was very unforgettable. And things like this need to be unforgettable. It needs to be special. But I told her I'm not planning anything else! I'm done."

Murgatroyd, 29, said she's completely fine with planning their wedding, which she revealed will happen in Los Angeles.

"I'm happy with that. I want to do it all," she said. "I'm cool with that. He can just sit there and turn up for the big day."

The dancer also gushed about her new fiancé and explained why she said yes to his proposal.

"I couldn't see myself with anybody else," Murgatroyd said. "He's the love of my life."