'Deadpool' Trailer: Why This Movie Is Different From Rest of Comic Films

The first official trailer is live and it's glorious.

— -- The first official "Deadpool" trailer hit the web Tuesday night and even though both the Red Band and Green Band trailers aren't exactly safe for work, they are glorious.

Here are the top reasons this film will separate itself from all comic films before it.

It's R Rated!

This definitely isn't your typical comic film. F-bombs galore, other curse words that can't be repeated on a family-friendly website and much more, like lots of blood and gore.

"Daddy needs to express some rage."

No One Is Safe From Being Made Fun Of

Really, no one! As Reynolds is being wheeled in for surgery, he yells, "please don't make the super suit green or animated!" Yep, he's making fun of his past run as the Green Lantern, a movie that was panned by critics. Indeed, in the teaser trailer, the voiceover makes fun of Fox Studios itself, which is producing this film. It jokes about "Wolverine: Origins" and how that film kind of ruined Deadpool by sewing his mouth shut. You don't do that to the Merc with a Mouth!

If Van Wilder got cancer, had surgery to get super-powers and then was able to curse and talk to the audience, that's Deadpool. This has been said a million times, but is worth saying yet again: This is the movie Reynolds was born to play. Sarcastic, witty, absolutely no respect for authority. Did we mention he curses?!

Bye-Bye Fourth Wall

"Deadpool" is famous for ignoring the rules of comics and talking to the audience. This was another reason a film adaptation took so long to come to fruition. In the Green Band version, you'll notice he says "Cue the music" and literally stops the action from time to time to chat with the viewer. Again, this is tailor made for Reynolds and his brand of acting.

It's a Standalone, While Also Being Tied Into Marvel

Though we see Colossus in one of the scenes and “Deadpool” is part of Fox's Marvel series of movies like "X-Men," this really is its own movie, not dependent on anything else. This isn't a cog in the wheel on the way to an "Avengers" or something like that.

And that's for the better; this is Reynold's film and not a part of a bigger picture. He might appear in other Fox films, but this film will be a classic all on its own. This is an A-list star and you don't need to know too much background to enjoy it.