Debi Mazar Reveals What to Expect from the 'Entourage' Movie

Her character, publicist Shauna, is doing "a lot of damage control," she said.

"Shauna has always been the person who's handling the drama, handling the stress, trying to control the media," Mazar told ABC News. "In today's world, we have the Internet. You say one thing it's misconstrued. So her job is full-time because those guys are all over the place, and [there's] a lot of damage control. So, she's just doing what she does best."

It's a need that Mazar, like most actors in Hollywood, has experienced first-hand.

"PR is a key in today's climate because it's all over the place. You know, there's just so much information," she said. "People have cameras and they're going 'So what'd you think of this?' And then like they're twisting your words or they're shooting you and you're not expecting it."

In "Entourage," Vince is going behind the camera to write and direct his own movie. However, he goes way over budget.

Mazar added that she's glad the beloved HBO series is coming to the big screen. "It was nice to bring it back because after the series was over it was sad. You feel like you're breaking up," she says.