'Despicable Me 3' star Steve Carell on his silver-fox look: 'I give hope to all ugly people'

Move over George Clooney. Step aside Brad Pitt.

— -- Move over George Clooney. Step aside Brad Pitt.

Hollywood is now all abuzz about Steve Carell and his new salt-and-pepper locks. It's all anybody can talk about as Carell makes the rounds to promote the newest installment in the hit animated "Despicable Me" franchise.

Carell stopped by the ABC News studios to talk about the newest film, "Depicable Me 3." And it didn't take long for host Peter Travers to jump into the subject of his hair.

"A British newspaper says, 'Steve Carell is insanely hot,'" Travers teased. "Now everybody wants to know what happened."

"'Wow, he was so ugly,'" Carell said referring to himself. "'Now what happened? It’s a miracle!' I give hope to all ugly people," he joked.

Travers asked Carell if he changed the look of his hair for a role.

"Um, the role of life," Carell joked, adding, "Peter, it’s the most important role of all."

The character Carell voices in the new film, Gru, does not have hair.

"His body looks like a big apple with toothpicks," Carell said.

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This time, Carell is not only returning to voice the character of the grumpy yet lovable Gru, he's also voicing Gru's brother, Dru.

"Dru, his brother, wants to be a villain. So he’s trying to enlist Gru. Once you’re a villain, you always kind of want to be a villain," Carell said. And he told Travers he's still very much enjoying the role.

"It’s so much fun. The best part of it, and I will be completely honest, I feel like these movies are really sweet. There’s a very positive energy to them. And they’re simple. And they’re cute. And they’re funny. And they kind of just delight people. And to be a little part of that is very important to me. I love it," he said.

Be sure to watch the full interview with Peter Travers and Steve Carell in the video above.