Beyonce's Epic 15-Minute VMAs Performance: All the Highlights

This was easily the moment of the night.

The Queen Bey shut it down as she performed more than five songs over 15 minutes that left the audience standing and applauding. Fans and artists were literally shaking their heads at what they just witnessed.

Beyonce came out in an angelic outfit singing a soft version of "Prey You Catch Me," that turned sullen with a dark figure representing death taking out her backup dancers.

Then she changed and broke out into a sexy version of "Hold Up," before picking up a bat and swinging it at a camera in the arena, smashing it. She then dropped the bat and performed "Lemonade."

"Sorry" and "Don't Hurt Yourself" followed, with Beyonce literally yelling into the mic and waling through raging lights. She was bringing the house down and everyone was in shock.

Finally, "Formation" came, with dancers in black leather and top hats surrounding the Queen.

Fans compelled her to stay on stage for a few minutes longer, cheering on one of the most epic performances in VMAs history.

To show you how epic it was, during her ridiculous performance, there were more than 600,000 tweets mentioning Beyonce and the VMAs. No body was talking about anything else!