Die-Hard Patriots Fan Ben Affleck Gets Personalized Giants Jersey from Michael Strahan on 'GMA'

Affleck stopped by "GMA" today to discuss his new role in "The Accountant."

— -- New England Patriots fan Ben Affleck laughed off a gift representing his rival team this morning, as former NFL defensive end Michael Strahan presented the actor with a personalized New York Giants jersey.

"I know you're a Patriots guy, this is burning you right now isn't it?" Strahan joked as he placed the jersey on Affleck.

"This is like wearing a Yankees jersey, I can't," Affleck replied. "This is like sizzling."

Strahan gave the actor the personalized, number 92 "Big Blue" gear on "GMA" today, after the pair chatted about Affleck's new film, "The Accountant."

When he's not filming, Affleck and fellow Patriots fan Matt Damon are raising money for charity through The Omaze campaign by giving fans a chance to win a night out in Boston with the best buds, along with Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, for as little as $10. The funds raised will support Affleck's chosen charity Eastern Congo Initiative, Damon's choice of Water.org and Tom Brady's TB12 Foundation.

"To me, honestly, I would pay just to hang out with Tom Brady," Affleck said. "I don't know, me and Matt are sort of the sideshow. It's like, 'Look at this Jets fan over there.' But to me, he's like the greatest ever. He's totally my hero."

Like Damon's character Jason Bourne, Affleck performs martial arts in fight scenes, but as a math genius with a killer instinct.

Affleck told Strahan his character in "The Accountant" would win in a fight against Jason Bourne.

"Matt needs two movies to do what I did in this movie," he said, laughing.

"It was harder to fake being an expert at martial arts than being an expert at math," Affleck joked about his role in the thriller. "But it was a lot of work and that was kind of the fun of it the physical aspect of it -- learning the fights, memorizing them. I'm not wearing a mask in that movie, so it's harder to slip a stuntman in there and it had to be me doing all of that stuff and it was a lot of fun. I found out I wasn't too old."

"The Accountant," opens in theaters on Oct. 14.