'Doctor Strange': 5 Things We Learned From Trailer

Don't know who this hero is? We have you covered!

Here's the full trailer and, below, we'll go through five takeaways that will help you dive into this famed hero's Marvel-ous world.

1. The Accident

The IMDb, or Internet Movie Database, explains that Stephen Strange becomes a hero after his career is destroyed. We see a devastating car crash, which might be the cause. In the books, it's this accident that ruins his hands so, as a world-renowned surgeon, this is the end of his current career.

We still don't know her name in the movie, but we see her in the hospital after Strange's accident. She is by his bedside as he is rushed possibly to surgery to save his life. This could and most likely will be the start of a romance?

3. The Ancient One

4. Baron Mordo

There is also this mystical voice at the opening that could be his warning to Strange later in the movie. Or it could be someone else; it's a voice-over!

"Forget everything that you think you know," the voice says.

5. The Cape

You can't have a "Doctor Strange" movie without his glorious cape. You hear loud footsteps, then at 1:53 of the clip, you see the silhouette that can be none other than the man himself, the Master of the Mystic Arts!

"Doctor Strange" hits theaters Nov. 4, and Marvel is part of the same parent company, Disney, as ABC News.