'Empire' Premiere Recap: Lucious Ends Cookie's War

Find out why Jamal told his mother, "Game over."

Then Lucious got a visitor: his son and the new head of his musical empire, Jamal. From the looks of the meeting, clearly Lucious is still running the label behind bars. So when Cookie tried to buy a controlling stock of the company, thanks to an investor, Lucious caught wind of it and shut it down. When Cookie found out in the meeting, she was blindsided. But Lucious wasn't. In fact, Jamal conferenced him into the meeting. He only had a few choice words for Cookie: "Game over."

Later, Cookie confronted Jamal and told him he ruined her plan of saving the company for her three sons. But instead Jamal kicked her out.

Back in jail, Frank Gathers discovered that it was Cookie who ratted him out to the feds. To send her a message, he sent her and her sister Carol a box of dead roses. Then the head of the guy that Cookie sent to kill one of Frank's men showed up at her house...in a box. Clearly, Frank was trying to scare her.

So she goes to jail to visit Lucious to ask for his help: "They're messing with my Lucious."

"So what do you need me to to do?" he asked.

There's no word on what Cookie told him, but Lucious handled it by killing off Frank behind bars. "You got a war with me," Lucious told Frank, before ordering fellow jailbirds to kill him.