'Empire's' Jussie Smollett Says He's Working on 'Personal Music'

The actor plays Jamal Lyon on the series.

— -- Jussie Smollett has everyone's attention, thanks to his role as the talented Jamal Lyon on Fox's mega-hit drama, "Empire."

Not only has Smollett shined as an actor, but he's also proven he's a No. 1 singer, as the soundtrack for the show debuted in the top spot.

Smollett told ABC News at a recent event in New York City that now he's got something else in the works.

"I'm working on personal music -- just writing and recording here and there," he said, "but the priority still is the soundtrack for season one."

"I'm starting to write [music] for season two and stuff like that. It's a collaborative thing, but I'm starting to write my own stuff and then, you know, if it seeps into 'Empire,' then great," Smollett said.

Smollett added that he's been in touch with Jim Beanz, the musical director for "Empire," for early conversations about music for the upcoming season.

For now, however, Smollett is enjoying a bit of downtime, as the musical TV show just wrapped up its first season earlier this year. The actor said he doesn't miss his TV family just yet, "because we are still around each other."

"I'm excited right now and I'm happy right now because I'll get some time to spend with my family," he added. "I love my 'Empire' family so much, [but] I really, really miss my family when I'm away."

Speaking of his family, Smollett said his younger sister, Jurnee, who has starred in many TV shows, including "True Blood," couldn't be more proud of his success. In fact, there's no sibling rivalry.

"There is none at all," he said. "Never has been and never will be. That's my baby. That's my heart."

Smollett has some good news for "Empire" fans waiting for season two.

"The writers go back into the writers' room [this] week. We're getting it in," he said.