'Fear the Walking Dead' Finale Recap

Find out how this season ended.

— -- The first season finale of "Fear the Walking Dead" opens with the blowback from Daniel's torturing of Cpl. Adams: Travis blasts Maddie for allowing Daniel to do it, and Ofelia is disgusted by her father's actions.

Still, after Travis frees the soldier, they, Alicia, and Chris mount up to rescue their loved ones from the military compound.

Daniel unlocks a set of gates, letting their little caravan in, and then saunters up to outpost's fence. When a guard spots him and warns him he'll be shot if he continues, Daniel says, "Save your ammunition," and reveals he's leading a parade of walkers he freed behind him.

The distracted troops open fire on the horde, and Daniel and company sneak inside.

They leave Chris and Alicia behind with the cars, and make their way inside to find Nick, Eliza, and Griselda. Meanwhile, elsewhere inside, Strand and Nick use their key to slip their cell, leaving others behind.

As Daniel's walker horde wreaks havoc throughout the compound, Dr. Exner lets nurse Liza leave, offering to stay with the remaining patients.

In the parking lot, three soldiers find Chris and Alicia and take their truck after Chris gets punched out to defend his almost step-sister.

Meanwhile, Maddie et al reach the holding pens, only to find Nick already escaped with Strand. Travis and Maddie free prisoners as they make their way back out.Strand and Nick meet up with the corrupt soldier who took Stand's watch and cuff links in an earlier episode -- but this time he's bleeding out. Strand gets his links back. "Keep the watch," he tells him coldly. He and Nick leave him to a room rapidly filling with walkers.

The two run down a hall, until they're trapped by a locked door, undead closing in. Just then, Nick sees Maddie and company from the other side, but they can't open it, either. "Go," Nick pleads with his mom -- but just in time, Liza appears with a key card and opens the door.

They best a group of walkers in a kitchen before Liza explains to Daniel and Ofelia that Griselda is dead. They want to see her anyway, and they head down and find only Dr. Exner, who has euthanized all of her remaining patients. She tells the gang how to escape, but broken, she stays behind to her doom.

Strand tells them they need to head West, to his home by the shore.

The survivors get to the parking lot and find Chris and Alicia -- and a pistol-packing Lt. Adams. He calls out to Salazar, determined to get even for the torture, and ends up shooting his daughter. Level-headed Travis finally loses it, and beats Adams mercilessly.

The survivors make it to Strand's luxurious bachelor pad. With its sprawling views and generator-supplied power, it seems a world away.

Liza determines Ofelia's wound is survivable, and Strand decides nobody can stay, himself included. Strand shows Nick that the "Abigail" to which the he wanted to return isn't a person, but a mega-yacht anchored just off the coast.

Meanwhile, Maddie learns Liza was bit in the kitchen. Handing Maddie a gun, she begs her to kill her. "Don't let Travis do it, it'll break him," Liza says.Travis interrupts them, however, but quickly learns there's no hope for his ex-wife, and is handed the gun. A shot rings out off camera.

The season ends with a shot of the Pacific, where Abigail awaits.

Season 2 of "Fear the Walking Dead" is currently in production.