A 'Friday Night Lights' Primer to the Super Bowl

PHOTO: The cast and crew of "Friday Night Lights" attend the 2006 Summer Television Critics Association Press Tour for the The NBC Network at the Ritz-Carlton Huntington Hotel in Pasadena, Calif., July 22, 2006.
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Everyone knows that the Super Bowl is on Sunday—but do you know the players? Denver fans are probably familiar with the Broncos' lineup (and the same thing goes for Seattleites and the Seahawks), but we have an easy way for those who may not know the players to remember who they are. We have matched up a few people you may see a lot of on Sunday with their "Friday Night Lights" counterparts, because the Panthers' motto is similar to that of any NFL star: "Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't lose."

PHOTO: Buddy Garrity in Friday Night Lights and Denver Broncos executive vice president John Elway.
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Buddy Garrity and John Elway

Buddy Garrity, a former Dylan Panther with a ton of team pride, is like Denver Broncos' executive vice president John Elway. After all, Elway played his entire professional career with the Broncos before taking on his behind-the-scenes role with the team, leading them to five Super Bowls. And, like Garrity, he earned a championship ring. (Make that two of them.)

PHOTO: Lyla Garrity in Friday Night Lights and Denver Broncos cheerleader, Patricia.
NBC/Getty Images | Courtesy Denver Broncos
Lyla Garrity and Denver Broncos' Cheerleader Patricia

Both are not just beautiful brunette cheerleaders, but career-minded too. While Lyla Garrity left Texas to study at Vanderbilt University, Patricia attended Colorado State, according to the Broncos website.

PHOTO: Brian "Smash" Williams in Friday Night Lights and Seattle Seahawks running back, Marshawn Lynch.
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Brian "Smash" Williams and Marshawn Lynch

"Smash" is known for his loud mouth and ego (like Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman), while Marshawn Lynch is undeniably press-shy. However, both are star running backs known for going into "beast mode."

PHOTO: Jason Street in Friday Night Lights and Denver Broncos quarterback, Peyton Manning.
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Jason Street and Peyton Manning

Two words: elite quarterbacks. Broncos QB Peyton Manning is destined for the Hall of the Fame and holds a number of NFL records, including most passing yards in a single season. It's possible that Dylan's star quarterback, Jason Street, would have had a similar career, had he not been injured in high school.

PHOTO: Vince Howard in Friday Night Lights and Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson.
NBC/Getty Images
Vince Howard and Russell Wilson

Vince Howard always had great talent, but there were some people who doubted his abilities. The same goes for the Seahawks' star quarterback, Russell Wilson. According to his NFL draft profile, Wilson was touted as an accurate passer and a "born signal-caller," but still slipped to the third round in the draft. Why? His weaknesses were listed as follows: "Wilson's height will be his biggest inhibitor at the next level and the largest reason for his late-round value. It remains to be seen if he can throw effectively from the pocket at the next level." (He can.)

PHOTO: Tim Riggins in Friday Night Lights and Denver Broncos wide receiver, Eric Decker.
NBC/Getty Images
Tim Riggins and Eric Decker

Both known for their great receiving abilities and striking good looks, Tim Riggins was a more reckless version of the real-life Broncos wide receiver. It's a good thing Decker has his act together: He's expecting a baby with country singer Jessie James.

PHOTO: Landry Clarke in Friday Night Lights and Seattle Seahawks placekicker, Steven Hauschka.
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Landry Clarke and Steven Hauschka

Like nice-guy Landry Clarke, football wasn't always Steven Haschka's first love. In fact, the Seahawks kicker first started playing the sport after he stopped playing soccer. And, like Clarke, he had to work very hard to get to where he is, having already played football for five NFL teams.

PHOTO: Matt Saracen in Friday Night Lights and Denver Broncos quarterback, Zac Dysert.
NBC/Getty Images | AP Photo
Matt Saracen and Zac Dysert

Don't know who Zac Dysert is? That's because he's a back-up for Broncos QB Peyton Manning and doesn't play much. The same thing happened to Dylan's back-up quarterback Matt Saracen, who only got playing time after Jason Street was sidelined with an injury. (Plus: Don't these two oddly resemble each other?!)

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