One Week to Hit It Big: Lexi St.George Begins Pop Star Transformation

PHOTO: Can you pluck a teenage girl from a mall and make her an instant pop star? "Good Morning America" wants to find out.PlayABC News
WATCH 'GMA' Pop Star: Lexi St. George's Transformation

Lexi St.George is learning the road to becoming an instant pop star is fast and furious. One week, to be exact.

On Sunday the 14-year-old winner of "Good Morning America's" Pop Star Series challenge gets a knock on her door. She's the one, and she's whisked away to record the song written for her, the song that could change her life.

The next day, over the course of four hours, St.George records dozens of takes of her song at famous Hollywood recording studio The Village Studios, the home of hits from the likes of Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera and Sheryl Crow. For St. George, it was the first taste of the hard work that lay ahead.

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"What happens if I can't get it?" St.George worried, as hit-maker Patrice Wilson pressed her to reach even higher.

Wilson, the founder of Ark Music Factory, is the music guru who saw a "star factor" in St.George and plucked her from obscurity, choosing her from among the dozens of girls who crammed the Los Angeles area flash auditions held by "GMA" and Wilson's Factory.

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In the recording booth, the power of singing her own song, instead of someone else's hit, eventually brought out the artist in St.George. Finally, she nailed it.

"I think she's gonna rock the world," said mom Louise, who was by her daughter's side during every stage of the Pop Star challenge.

With the vocals done, the following day, Tuesday, found St.George with celebrity stylist Cristophe at his eponymous Beverly Hills salon. It was time for a head-to-toe makeover, every teenage girl's dream. And St.George's youth shone through.

"I want sparkles really bad," she said of her style choice. "Just something cute with sparkles."

With a new do, freshly painted nails and a refreshed attitude, and her mom's encouragement behind her, on Wednesday, just three days after the knock on the door, St.George moved on to what could be the most critical element of her hopes for overnight success: the music video.

Make the video pop, and St.George could be a viral hit, her dance moves watched by millions on YouTube.

Make it plop, and the teen could be just another girl with a song.

To ensure that her video would pop, Wilson shepherded St.George to Los Angeles's iconic Millenium Dance Studio, the dance factory that choreographs the sizzling dance moves stars like Janet Jackson and Britney Spears perform on stage and on screen.

Choreographer-to-the-stars J.R. Taylor was ready and waiting to create a signature move for St.George, the type that could make the teen stand out and become a viral hit.

But, like so many performers before her, the same level of perfectionism that stumbled St.George in the recording studio came through on the dance floor.

"And step, and step, and step," Taylor instructed St.George.

The teen accompanied each missed beat with an "Oops," "Uggh," or an exasperated breath before finally gathering her ability and powering through.

"It's not just you," Taylor reassured her. "Don't get frustrated."

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Next stop was Smashbox Studios, Los Angeles's premier photo studio, where her music video was already under production.

After a quick introduction by Wilson to the "wizards," the crew behind her video, St.George got to work, matching the dance moves she mastered with Taylor to the vocals and lyrics she perfected with Wilson.

"Off camera, she's serious," Wilson said of his performer. "But I say action, and she has a smiley face."

"She never gets tired," he added. "Literally, in the one day we shot 80 percent of the video."

But will focus, endurance and that "star factor" be enough to make the California teen America's next pop star?

"Watch "One Week to Hit It Big" on "Good Morning America" all week to follow winner Lexi St.George inside the making of her song, and then the premiere of her music video Thursday.

WATCH: Web Only Clip: Inside the Making of Lexi's Music Video