Can Hasselhoff, Lohan and Gosselin Get Through the Holidays?

Hasselhoff, Lohan and Gosselin may need some help this holiday season.

Nov. 30, 2009 — -- For a few famous faces, 2009 hasn't been very kind.

This year Lindsay Lohan launched a universally lambasted fashion line, David Hasselhoff awoke in a psychiatric hold, and Jon Gosselin destroyed his marriage and reality TV series. If you think the newly underway holiday season is going to take a toll on you, just imagine how these celebs might fare.

Yes, figuring out how to procure presents and deck the halls is stressful enough -- at least you (hopefully) don't have to worry about your father leaking yet another audio recording of you crying to the world at large, which is Lohan's likely Christmas surprise.

Below, check out three stars in danger of self-imploding over the holidays, and the courses of action they might want to consider:

David Hasselhoff

Problem: Starting off the season in a psychiatric hold.

Oh, the irony: Baywatch's beefcake lifeguard now needs life saving. According Radar Online, the day after Thanksgiving, Hasselhoff was checked into Los Angeles' Cedars-Sinai Medical Center under an involuntary psychiatric hold. Apparently, he had been drinking prior to his hospitalization. A representative for Hasselhoff did not immediately respond to's request for comment.

On top of that on Saturday night Hasselhoff's ex-wife Pamela Bach was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving in Los Angeles. She's scheduled to appear in court on Christmas Eve.

It's the latest in a long line of drinking-related incidents for Hasselhoff. In October, according to the UK Sun and the New York Post, the "America's Got Talent" judge had a few swigs too many and punched the doctor at his London hotel after returning from Simon Cowell's birthday bash.

In September, Hasselhoff was reportedly hospitalized for alcohol poisoning after his 17-year-old daughter called paramedics to their home (though his reps contended he needed help because of an ear infection, not alcohol.) And in 2007, both his daughters filmed him drunk, on the floor, limbs flailing, attempting to eat a hamburger.

Prescription: Rehab. Rehab, rehab, rehab. That means no egg-nog.

Lindsay Lohan

Problem: Ma and Pa Lohan keep airing her dirty laundry.

With parents like these, who needs enemies? Michael and Dina Lohan have been pawning off tapes of their conversations about their troubled starlet daughter to the media, along with her own panicked phone calls to them.Earlier this month, Michael released to Radar Online a recording of Lindsay sobbing to him about her breakup with DJ Samantha Ronson, how mom Dina doesn't care about her, how, quite frankly, no one cares about her, and more.

When asked Michael why he released the recording, which he claims was taped when Lindsay called him after her home was robbed in late August, Michael said he had to prove his credibility to his daughter, ex-wife and the world at large.

"Lindsay and Dina were calling me a liar," he said. "I just couldn't take it anymore. ... I was doing everything behind the scenes and no one wanted to respond and that's when I went public with everything."

Immediately after Michael's tape dropped, a Sept. 2008 recording of Dina describing to Michael how she tried to dump Lindsay in rehab ended up on Radar.

"You don't even know what I'd go through trying to get her into, like, rehab and stuff," Dina says in the recording. "She'd like, punch me in the face, kick me out of the car ... like you don't know the s**t I went through trying to get her an intervention by myself. It was very difficult. She's really sad and really hurt and really ... despondent. I told her not to go to L.A. at 18 ... she did. I couldn't leave these other three to go get her and it was, like, a mess."

A mess indeed. The released recordings mark the latest additions to a mountain of misery for the 24-year-old starlet.

In October, fresh off her breakup from her DJ girlfriend, Lindsay received harsh reviews for herself and Emanuel Ungaro, the high fashion house she's advising, at her Paris Fashion Week debut. Critics were unmoved by her designs, which include heart-shaped pasties and a blue bandeau bra. Lindsay looked less than luminescent on the runway, and partying in Paris she showed even more signs of wear and tear.

Prescription: A holiday trip to Fiji, Tahiti or some other island far removed from mom and dad and recording devices of any kind.

Jon Gosselin

Problem: Where to begin?

Not only has he been abandoned by his estranged wife, Kate Gosselin, his girlfriend, Hailey Glassman, who he ditched for Thanksgiving dinner, and TLC, the network that brought him fame followed by infamy, Gosselin has also likely lost his new BFF, Michael Lohan (yep, Lindsay's dad), who's now offering up their private phone conversations to the press.

Last week, the "Jon & Kate Plus 8" dad was caught saying some pretty damning things about his children and TLC, courtesy of taped phone calls recorded and released to Radar Online by Michael Lohan.

"I mean, I put my kids out there to every pedophile on the planet, and they never got paid for it?" Gosselin says in the recording, spouting off about TLC allegedly profiting off his family. "It's disgusting."

Lohan said he recorded his conversations with Gosselin several months ago because the two were talking about putting together a reality show, "The Divorced Dads Club," and he was afraid Gosselin would cut him out of the development deal.

"When someone makes me believe they were lying or something was going to happen, I tape their conversations," he told

Guess Gosselin's going to have to find a new famous father to pal around with.

Prescription: Spend the holidays with the kids (remember them, the eight cuties who made "Jon & Kate Plus 8" such a huge hit?) and the kids alone -- no cameras allowed.