Hollywood A-listers Among Legions of 'Bachelor' Fans

“The Bachelor” has millions of fans, and among them are some of Hollywood’s biggest, and toughest, stars.

Kaley Cuoco displayed her obsession by sporting a pair of pants that were decorated with roses and the face of Ben Higgins, the latest star of “The Bachelor.”

Jennifer Aniston, Amy Schumer, Anna Kendrick and Kirsten Dunst have all admitted they just can’t help themselves.

Sean Penn, too, is a member of the so-called Bachelor Nation. In a visit to “The Jimmy Kimmel” show, Penn explained that he was hooked on wanting to know: “Is he going to decide on this one or this one ... and then I want to see somebody cry."

Ryan Reynolds, who has played superheroes on the big screen and now stars as the anti-hero in “Deadpool,” has live-tweeted episodes of “The Bachelor.”

Donnie Wahlberg, who is also known for his tough-guy roles, has been caught shedding tears over the program.

Wahlberg wrote an essay about his attachment to the show, explaining that his wife, Jenny McCarthy, was partly to blame.

“I’ll watch whatever she wants me to, and if I become addicted to it and have to be the butt of a few jokes for it, whatever,” he wrote.