Hugh Jackman on Oscars, last movie as Wolverine

Jackman is unleashing his claws one last time in "Logan."

February 24, 2017, 9:29 AM

— -- Hugh Jackman is unleashing his claws as Wolverine one last time in his new action-packed movie "Logan."

Jackman rose to stardom playing the iconic Wolverine character. He told "GMA" that he'll miss the comic book hero, a role he's had for 17 years.

"It's kind of like leaving the best part of your life," he said. "There's a point where you should go and this is just that time and I hope it will never leave me. The fans come up to me everyday of my life and I love them, this character I love."

Jackman's "Logan" hits theaters March 3 and has already received rave reviews.

"We tried to make something that didn't feel like a comic book movie...a movie that people [who] never, ever seen a comic book movie who would go to," he said.

With Oscars two days away, Jackman, who hosted the awards show in 2009, said Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel is probably "quite relaxed."

"Now you go into this thing of camera rehearsals and today's Friday so he will be at the stage today," Jackman said. "[T]hat guy is a pro. I love Jimmy and I think he's going to be so excited. It's his goal was to have the time of my life whether it worked or not."

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