James Gandolfini's Son Opens Up About Seeing His Father's Last Film

"When I think of my dad, the No. 1 thing I think of is love," he said.

September 10, 2014, 12:28 PM

— -- James Gandolfini left a slew of projects in the works when he died last year at age 51.

His latest film, "The Drop," just premiered in New York City this week and a special guest -- Gandolfini's son Michael, 14 -- was on hand to see his father's work.

"It was really bittersweet," Michael Gandolfini told US Weekly about seeing the film. "It was amazing to see him. ... The screen comes on, and I see him. I know he was happy -- happy acting and happy in that moment. ... It was the last time he could be happy filming a movie, so it was very hard."

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He added, "When I think of my dad, the No. 1 thing I think of is love. His huge arms. Big hands hugging me. Putting his finger in my ear. He was hilarious. The funniest person I've ever met."

Aside from the pain Michael must be feeling watching his late father on screen, he said the cast of "The Drop" has been amazing, including Tom Hardy.

"Every single person -- Tom, Noomi [Rapace], every single person on this cast -- they see me and hug me and my mom," he said. "They've included us so well and treated me with the utmost respect."

Gandolfini died after a heart attack in June 2013, while vacationing in Italy.

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