Jennifer Aniston: I'm 'Extremely Lucky and Extremely Happy'

PHOTO: Jennifer Aniston appears as guest on "Good Morning America," June 27, 2011.PlayABC News
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Famously unlucky-in-love actress Jennifer Aniston says she is "very happy" with her personal life these days.

"I'm extremely lucky and extremely happy," Aniston said today on "Good Morning America."

Making the former "Friends" star so happy is a string of "newness" in both her professional and personal lives, including a new man, actor and screenwriter Justin Theroux; a new movie, the comedy "Horrible Bosses" out July 8; and a new "sold" sign on her Beverly Hills estate.

"I want to go smaller," Aniston, 42, told "GMA" of her plans now that she's unloaded the more than $40 million estate she spent years personally designing. "I love to entertain. I love to have people feel cozy and comfortable."

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The main person the actress has been cozy with of late is Theroux, the 39-year-old actor and screenwriter she first became friendly with on the set of "Wanderlust" in the fall, according to People magazine.

The couple, who have been quietly dating since May, was spotted leaving the Gramercy Park Hotel in New York City on June 15 wearing gold rings on their left ring fingers.

Aniston, whose ring says "Jennifer," has been spotted in hers several times this month, while Thoreoux was first photographed wearing a gold ring on that finger at an event as early as April.

Although she has been reluctant to speak publicly about her new relationship, Aniston has introduced her beau to her closest friends.

The actress, famous for her entertaining, threw a small get-together May 27 to introduce Theroux to her best pals, including comedian Chelsea Handler and former "Friends" co-star Courteney Cox, putting to bed rumors that she and Cox were on the outs.

"She and I, we never left each other's side," Aniston told "GMA" of her post-"Friends' relationship with her former co-star.

Us Weekly magazine had reported "tension" over Cox's separation from husband David Arquette.

Us quoted an insider saying, "Jen thinks Courteney is being callous" by spending time with her "Cougartown" co-stars Brian Van Holt and Josh Hopkins, without formally filing for divorce from Arquette.

Aniston's rep told the Los Angeles Times the report was "completely false," and Aniston confirmed they still speak.

"Courteney is a weekly," she told "GMA" of the frequency with which the two stars hang out.

Going Against Type

While Aniston has been known to fall for her co-stars, remember Vince Vaughn and Gerard Butler, with Theroux, the actress is going against type.

For one thing, he doesn't have the usual dashing leading-man looks.

He's darker and scruffier and more likely to be cast as the villain: He was Drew Barrymore's evil ex in "Charlie's Angels Full Throttle" and the evil wizard Leezar in this year's "Your Highness."

He is also a serious screenwriter. He co-wrote the comedy hit "Tropic Thunder" and, on the recommendation of star Robert Downey Jr., wrote the screenplay for "Iron Man 2."

"America's sweetheart" is also slowly unveiling a different side of her good-girl image to fansrevealing her first tattoo while wearing a see-through white skirt in downtown New York City last week.

The tattoo, on the inside of her right foot, says "Norman," the name of her Welsh Corgi-terrier mix, who died in May at 15 years old, according to People magazine.

"I wouldn't say I'm squeaky clean in any way," Aniston told "GMA."

The always-photographed actress is often on the red carpet in designer gowns and haute couture but in real life, she says, her wardrobe is fairly simple.

"A good wedge. A great pair of jeans. And a great tank top," she said of the pieces that fill her closet.

"And a leather jacket," she added. "Those are my must-haves."

Aniston Bares It All

If Aniston seems to be departing from her own script in her personal life with Thoreoux, she's also doing the same professionally.

In her new movie, "Horrible Bosses," the queen of romantic comedies sheds her girl-next-door image to play a "sexually aggressive" dentist who harasses her male assistant, played by Charlie Day.

The part required Aniston to bare all, including a reported topless scene, a first for the actress, and to go right to the dark side with bad language and all.

"That's the sad part, that I was kind of comfortable," Aniston told "GMA" of the fun she had playing the role. "It was sort of a dream to just live in that skin and be able to say those words."

Later this fall, Aniston could also appear topless in the film in which she met Thoreaux, Judd Apatow's "Wanderlust." Aniston and Paul Rudd play a couple who drop out of the rat race to become hippies.

Aniston not only rips off her shirt but smokes pot and has a threesome, according to

Aniston says she doesn't feel Hollywood pressure to keep her body, also featured on the July cover of Marie Claire magazine, hot, but she does work at it.

"I do spinning, yoga and also circuiting. You sort of keep it moving," she told "GMA."

Aniston has shown she's not afraid to show some skin to promote a product (her fragrance line last year) or herself, for that matter (the cover of GQ in January 2009).

The actress also has a new ad out for SmartWater – this time she's posing next to a bottle of the designer water, without any clothes.

"I feel better when I'm fit," Aniston told "GMA." "Something about being able to just move that I love. It changes your energy and your spirits."

ABC News' Luchina Fisher contributed to this story.