Jennifer Lawrence Still Isn't Over That Oscars Fall

The 'American Hustle' star has some advice for designer Dior.

Feb. 21, 2014 — -- Jennifer Lawrence is still not over that fall last year at the Academy Awards, where she won Best Actress and fell on her way to pick up the award.

In talking with Dior, which happens to be the dress she wore to the 2013 Oscars, the "American Hustle" star opened up about her favorite memories in Dior gowns.

"I do obviously have very special memories of the dress I wore to the Oscars, some fun, some not," she said laughing. "They need to make it more accessible for stairs, in my opinion."

But it wasn't all critiques. Lawrence, 23, obviously loves Dior and is featured in her third campaign for the designer.

"It feels nice when you're dressed in something beautiful and you feel beautiful," she said of their gowns. "When you're wearing an outfit you feel really proud of or a dress you feel really good in."