How Jennifer Lawrence and Other Stars Will Party After the Oscars

From the food to the flowers, get all the details of the Academy's after-party.

Feb. 21, 2014 -- After all the Oscars hooplah, the nominees and their A-list friends just want to relax and party.

The Governor's Ball is typically their first stop.

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The official after-party of the Academy Awards, the Governor's Ball is located close to the ceremony itself, and the winners usually stop in to have their awards engraved.

The Governor's Ball: By the Numbers

But there's plenty of incentive for everyone to pop by for a bite. Chef Wolfgang Puck caters the event, and on Thursday, he and the Academy gave a sneak peek of what to expect from this year's party.

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From Oscar-shaped salmon to a cake that "mimics the mechanism of a film projector," check out what the stars will be enjoying on March 2!

"Yes, @chefwolfgangpuck has created a special Oscar cake that mimics the mechanism of a film projector," the Academy wrote. "Here's a quick video of that movement, part of today's spread, and the chef keeping connected."

Wolfgang Puck (bottom right) posed with some of the delicacies he's preparing come Oscar night, including pasta, lobster, salmon and pastries.

Cheryl Cecchetto (bottom left) and her company, Sequoia Productions, plan the details of the party, "from the lamps to the food and personnel," the Academy wrote.

The furniture for the Governor's Ball is provided by Lux Lounge, while One Luxury Linen will outfit the tables in jewel toned fabrics.

Even the envelopes that hold the winners cards' have been hand-crafted! The red lacquered stock is provided by Marc Friedland (top left).

What's a party without a little bubbly? The champagne of the Oscars is Champagne Thiénot, specifically bottles of a vintage 2005 Brut and Rose.

When champagne isn't enough, Baileys will be serving two different kinds of vanilla cinnamon Irish creme liqueur shots, both rimmed with edible gold. (Really.)

More booze! Sterling Vineyards will provide wine for stars to sip, including Napa wines for before the show, and a Reserve line for the party.

Mark's Garden florist is providing the floral arrangements, including a vertical garden.

Even the food is Oscars-themed! One of the dishes for celebs to try is Oscar-shaped smoked salmon with caviar.