Jennifer Lopez’s New Fitness Mission to Help Make Women ‘Look Good’

Jennifer Lopez aims to help women get fit and fabulous.

— -- Jennifer Lopez is a superstar actress, singer, dancer and an entrepreneur who has a new venture that’s also her mission: to help women get fit and healthy.

Lopez is a partner in BodyLab, a new nutrition and fitness program for women that features a line of supplements and protein shakes, a fitness app and other components to help women maximize their workouts and boost their metabolism and energy.

Before BodyLab, supplements were made for men by men, Lopez says in a promotional video for the program.

“We just want to look good. We want to feel healthy. We want to be hot.”

At 45, Lopez has an enviable figure that’s helped keep her in the spotlight as a sex symbol.

The mother of two says she starts every morning with a protein shake made with her new supplement powder.

“It gives me great energy …,” she said.

Doctors and scientists are involved in the formulation of BodyLab’s products. Amy Heaton, director of scientific affairs for BodyLab, explained the importance of protein.

“We need to have sustained protein throughout the day otherwise we can actually lose muscle mass,” she said. “It’s not just about the gym, so that’s why the proteins are really important.”

“One thing I did do right as a mommy is I tell the kids, my twins, to eat vegetables and greens from a young age,” she said. “And they would love that it has some cheese on it.”

BodyLab’s products are available on the program’s website and in certain pharmacies and other stores.

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