'Jerry Maguire' Child Star Jonathan Lipnicki Defends Himself In Funny Video

The actor stars in a funny new video, defending himself and his upbringing.

August 22, 2014, 3:04 PM
PHOTO: Jonathan Lipnicki
Jonathan Lipnicki, left, attending the premiere of 'The Skulls' in Los Angeles.
Getty Images|YouTube

— -- Everyone remembers Jonathan Lipnicki's adorable turn in "Jerry Maguire."

Now, the former child star is all grown up and defending himself against all sorts of false accusations.

"I've never done any drugs!" he insisted in funny video posted by You Used to Be Cute. "I've never done drugs, I've never punched out a tourist. I went to public school! I played little league baseball!"

'Jerry Maguire' Actor Jonathan Lipnicki Turns 21

However, when Lipnicki, now 23, called himself "just a normal white kid from the suburbs," his conversation with casting agents took a dramatic turn.

For that, a description of his bar mitzvah and his reaction to being asked to repeat his famous line about the weight of a human head, check out the video below.

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