Jerry Seinfeld Describes Bouts of Terrible Road Rage During Facebook Chat

PHOTO: Jerry Seinfeld attends the opening night of "Beautiful - The Carole King Musical" at The Stephen Sondheim Theatre, Jan. 12, 2014, in New York City.
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Jerry Seinfeld stopped by Facebook's New York office today and chatted with fans to promote his hit show "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee."

The iconic comedian and star of the '90s hit show "Seinfeld" revealed some amazing tidbits and facts about himself that the everyday fan might not know.

Can you picture Seinfeld, 60, getting road rage? Well, it happens and he explained exactly what that scene looks like. He also dished on if his kids watch "Seinfeld," his favorite NYC moment and more. Check them out!

Seinfeld Gets Road Rage

"I get road rage if I let someone in, and I let everyone in, and they don't give me the little wave. I start honking and waving and make a fuss."

His Kids Watch 'Seinfeld'

"I do let them watch even though I am sure it is a very freaky experience for a kid," he said of his daughter Sascha and two sons Julian Kal and Shepherd. He also added that his kids "are very funny. I trained them myself."

You can Find His Reviews on Yelp

After being asked if the food or coffee was ever terrible on "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee," Seinfeld said, "Yes. We are doing Yelp reviews now on every coffee shop that we visit."

He's a 'Napoleon Dynamite' fan

Seinfeld said it's his favorite comedy movie of the last 15 years.

Don't You Dare Use Seinfeld's Material on Seinfeld

After a fan asked if people come up to him and try to have conversations with him just like on "Seinfeld," he said, "I always explain to the person that there is nothing less funny to a comedian than his own material."

Seinfeld Works Out

"I do exercise and it's pretty much every day and my exercise philosophy is 'Today is not special and neither are you.'"

No One Says 'No' to Seinfeld

After someone asked if there was any comedian he couldn't get on the show, he said: "There isn't anybody yet that I really really want to have that has said no."

He Revealed His Favorite NYC Moment

"My favorite New York moment of my life would be in the mid '70s, I just started working as a comedian and I was a part of a softball team. I was living in Manhattan and playing softball in Central Park and that was just heaven."

Sorry 'Seinfeld' Fans, He Will Never Do Another Sitcom

After a fan asked if he would ever do another, he said bluntly "No."

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