Why Jessica Alba Got Choreographer for ‘Sin City’ Sequel

Jessica Alba feels able to take on new acting risks.

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August 14, 2014, 8:18 AM
PHOTO: Actress Jessica Alba  visits 106 & Park at BET studio, Aug. 13, 2014, in New York.
Actress Jessica Alba visits 106 & Park at BET studio, Aug. 13, 2014, in New York.
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— -- Jessica Alba says she feels able to take new acting risks since she first starred in the hit film “Sin City” nearly a decade ago.

Alba, who stars in the much-anticipated sequel, “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For,” said her life has changed a great deal since the first film hit theaters in 2005.

In an interview with “Good Morning America” anchor Robin Roberts, Alba talked about the many ways her life was different.

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“I feel like all the things that I've gone through in my life since the first (film) -- having kids, starting a company, the company being successful, I'm married, I have friends now,” she said. “I was working so much I didn't really even have real friendships the way that I do now. And I just have so much that's so important to me that I love. And it allows me when I'm working, when I'm acting to -- really be free and take risks and go to that next level.”

And another thing that was different this time around? Alba had a choreographer to help her prepare to reprise her role as Nancy Callahan, an exotic dancer.

“I'm not that comfortable -- I'm not a dancer,” Alba said, laughing. “And I'm not that comfortable on a stage, so I wanted to work with someone to help me fake it.”

Alba called the film “very artistic.”

“It's all in black and white … and in the theater it's in 3D. And not everything's in 3D, just special certain things are in 3D. So you feel like you're in this insane world. And it is beautiful,” she said.

Alba, who earned die-hard fans for her roles on projects including “Dark Angel,” “Fantastic Four,” and “Honey” – in which she played a dancer – has also made a name for herself as an entrepreneur.

Concerned about the dangers of toxic chemicals in household products, Alba teamed up with a partner to create Honest Company, a mail-order business offering products with an “intense focus on quality, product innovations, health & safety, and affordability,” according to the company’s website.

Alba, 33, has two young daughters with her husband, Cash Warren.

“Sin City: A Dame to Kill For” opens August 22nd.

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