Joel Kinnaman on 'Suicide Squad': 'The Story's Dope'

The actor more than confirmed his role in the upcoming superhero movie.

— -- Joel Kinnaman is beyond pumped for "Suicide Squad."

Kinnaman confirmed that he's in the movie and that he's been going "down to Toronto on the weekends to prepare."

He's also had a dialogue with director David Ayer.

"David, he's cool, I think you are always afraid when you go into a big superhero movie that it's gonna be just kind of action and you're not going to be able to go to the bottom with the characters," he added. "But he's going to be able to do both, really give it depth and scale."

He continued, "All the conversations have been like 'Wow, we are really going there!' It's fun."

Kinnaman also spoke to reporters sporting a full goatee, and was coy when saying "maybe, maybe not" he would have to shave it off for this anticipated role.