How Joey Feek Recorded New Album With Terminal Cancer

Rory opens up about what will be his last album with his wife.

The new album will be out Feb. 12 and Rory spoke to People magazine on just how she was able to record while undergoing treatments.

"She would sing into a microphone that we had set up in our room," Rory Feek, 49, explained of recording the album last year. "It wasn't easy, but it was important to her. Those are moments I'll never forget."

Rory continued, "Selfishly, I hope the whole world gets to discover what an amazing singer and woman my beautiful wife is, and that her music outlives not only the both of us, but also our children's children's children."

The Feeks have been open about Joey's cancer battle, even as she stopped treatments late last year to go home and be with family in her final weeks.

"Even now, in her hospital bed – thin and hurting – her eyes light up whenever she talks about her faith. Some people would be discouraged in Joey's position and question their faith in God, but not her," Rory said.

In an interview that was published Wednesday, also with People, Rory explained how he always thought it would be his wife, 40, of more than 13 years who would one day be taking care of him, not the other way around. Joey is now back at her childhood home in Indiana, spending her final days with friends and family.

"I always knew that when I get old or if something were to happen to me, Joey would be there beside me no matter what,” he said. “But I never dreamed that the roles might be reversed and life might require those things from me.”