Jon Gosselin Tells All on Twitter

Jon Gosselin takes to Twitter to apologize to kids and "clarify a few things."

Oct. 20, 2010 — -- Jon Gosselin has a new best friend. Its name is Twitter.

The dad made famous (then infamous) by TLC's "Jon & Kate Plus 8" posted a string of messages on his Twitter account Tuesday about his many regrets, from putting his brood of eight on television to battling publicly with his now ex-wife, Kate Gosselin, to, well, pretty much everything that's happened in the past year.

"I am acutely aware of the mistakes I made in 2009 and I am ashamed of the choices I made," Jon tweeted, according to (His Twitter account is private.) "I have apologized to Kate, my family, and to my friends. Through counseling I have learned to own my actions. My goal is to move forward in a positive direction."

Gosselin explained that he took to Twitter to "clarify a few things" and shed light on how being on TV has damaged his children.

"The negative effects on my family was my greatest concern and far outweigh any monetary gain we received," Gosselin wrote.

"Today, my children are much older than when we first started. They are acutely aware their life is markedly different from their peers," he added.

Tuesday's tirade was Gosselin's second Twitter tell-all in the past week. Last Friday, he also posted a series of messages to his account after a judge shot down his bid to keep his children off TV. They currently appear in TLC's "Kate Plus 8."

"Each of them has experienced negative effects of having their lives so public," he wrote last Friday, according to "Some are struggling with emotional and/or behavioral issues. My goal for my children is for them to have a normal childhood, and gain back their much deserved privacy. This is not about money, this is about my children. No amount of money is worth the price my children are paying. You cannot put a price on childhood. Money comes and goes, but you only have one childhood."

Jon Gosselin: 'I Am Supporting My Children ...'

"For those questions about money and support, I can say I am supporting my children to the best of my ability," he continued. "All parties involved know the truth about this. I am and have been actively seeking employment. I have been barred from accepting entertainment deals that would generate income for my family due to contractual obligations. I am also actively looking for a job outside of the entertainment industry and so far, have not secured a position. In the mean time, I have been focusing on spending time with my children and providing a safe, stable, normal and private environment for them!"

Gosselin concluded his first Twitter tirade with an apology.

"I would like to apologize to my friends, family, and especially my children for not taking a stand earlier in my life and not questioning my decisions to have our lives documented and displayed," he wrote. "I will have to answer to my children for the rest of my life. I will have to live with this guilt the rest of my life. I am truly sorry!"