Josh Radnor Says 'How I Met Your Mother' Title Was Always a 'Fake-Out'

See what Josh Radnor had to say about Monday's series finale.

April 2, 2014 — -- Josh Radnor had known since the first season of "How I Met Your Mother" how the series would end.

So when fans took to Cristin Milioti, who played the mother, Radnor, who played Ted Mosby, wanted to make sure the producers were still going to end the series with a twist.

"Especially after Cristin, because she was so wonderful and the fans seemed to really take to her. So I asked them, 'Are you guys still doing that?' And they said yeah," he told Vulture.


If you saw the finale on Monday night, you know that the mother eventually dies and Ted is urged by his children to go for it again with Aunt Robin -- years after she and Barney divorced.

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The finale was very divisive -- with some fans hating that he went back to Robin, especially with the title of the show being about "Your Mother."

"I thought the title of the show was always a bit of a fake-out," he said. "It was more of a hook to hang the thing on. Really it was more about these are the crazy adventures and these are the lessons I had to learn before I met your mother."

Radnor added that the nature of the show is misdirection, saying, "But, also, part of the DNA of the show is they lead you one way and then they pull you back. You think you're watching one thing in an episode and then it turns out you're watching something completely different. I think that the twists in the finale were in keeping with that."

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He added, "There are so many opinions floating around. There have always been people that thought that Barney and Robin were perfect together, there have always been people that thought it didn't make sense. There are people that wanted Ted and Robin to be together. There are people that thought they didn't work together. So I just feel that part of the divisiveness and part of the anger and also part of the enthusiasm all speaks to something really great."

Radnor said he knows fans are dealing with not only the twist, but grief of losing the show after nine years.

"I think when the dust settles people will feel pretty complete," he said.

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