Kacy Catanzaro on Her Career Aspirations After 'American Ninja Warrior'

PHOTO: Kacey Catanzaro celebrates after completing the "American Ninja Warrior" finals course.Peter Larsen/NBC
Kacey Catanzaro celebrates after completing the "American Ninja Warrior" finals course.

Kacy Catanzaro is the first woman to make the finals of "American Ninja Warrior" and she's hoping the feat pays dividends ASAP.

Catanzaro spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the prospects of becoming a stunt woman after the finals of "American Ninja Warrior" coming up shortly in Las Vegas.

"Definitely," the former college gymnast, 24, said of wanting to be a stunt woman on a big-time TV show. "My boyfriend Brent, he's been a stuntman for like five years. Every time I watch him, I'm like, 'I would love to do that,' but it is so hard to get into."

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She revealed that some people can be in Hollywood for up to 10 years and not crack into the stunt industry.

"I do hope that some people will notice me and this might get me in that world. I want to do that sometime soon," she added.

As for what she would like to be, maybe a stuntwoman on the show "Arrow," or a "cool video game."

"I've gotten a lot of tweets, 'Oh there's a new Thor, a woman, it should be you.' I'm like, 'OK, sign me up,'" she said.

Catanzaro also teased the possibility of marrying boyfriend Brent Steffensen in Vegas if she wins the final, maybe using an Elvis impersonator.

"I'm not going to say we didn't joke about it," she laughed.