Michael Jackson's Kids Meet With Court Appointed Guardian

Court papers likely to be filed to force kids to meet with Katherine Jackson.

July 24, 2012, 3:42 AM

July 24, 2012— -- A court appointed child advocate met with Michael Jackson's children Monday night, sources told ABC News, and is working with them so that they can rejoin Katherine Jackson, Michael Jackson's mother and their legal guardian.

Court papers will likely be filed this week to demand that Katherine Jackson be allowed contact with the children. Sources told ABC News that the filing would likely include a request for a temporary guardian for the children, who is expected to be someone already around the children.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department responded to a "family disturbance" at the Jackson family home Monday after, sources said, Randy, Jermaine and Janet Jackson showed up and apparently tried to take Michael Jackson's kids away.

Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore said Monday there was a "scuffle" between two family members at the Calabasas home of family matriarch Katherine Jackson, but no arrests were made.

TMZ posted a photo of siblings Janet and Jermaine Jackson standing outside the home around the time police were called, according to the website.

Katherine Jackson's lawyer, Sandra L. Ribera, issued a statement saying, "Jackson family members ambushed Katherine Jackson's home after their vehicle tore through security gates on the tails of the SUV containing Michael Jackson's children."

Ribera said Prince, Paris and Blanket Jackson were taken to safe location. "An altercation ensued shortly thereafter and law enforcement arrived at the scene," according to the statement.

Latest Trouble for Jackson Family

This has been the latest drama that has plagued the Jackson family in the past few weeks. Katherine Jackson was reported missing Saturday only to be found "resting" with her daughter in Arizona.

X17Online obtained a photo of Jackson smiling and playing Uno with her family in Arizona. Her children released a statement Monday saying the missing person's report was "created by the very person and persons we are trying to protect our mother from."

Trent Jackson, Katherine Jackson's nephew and confidant, reported her missing. TJ Jackson, Tito Jackson's son, wrote a message to Paris Jackson on Twitter saying the ordeal was unfair: "I know it's completely unfair for them to do this you and your brothers. We will keep trying. I love you."

Paris Jackson tweeted Monday , "8 days and counting. Something is really off, this isn't like her at all. I wanna talk directly to my grandmother."

Katherine Jackson is the legal guardian of her late son's three children and there is no word on who is watching them in Jackson's absence.

Jermaine Jackson released a statement earlier this week about his mother's whereabouts, saying this is all "a conspiracy to deflect attention away from a letter we wrote asking for the resignation of executors" of Michael Jackson's will.

Five of Michael Jackson's siblings last week said his will was fake and the executors of his lucrative estate, John McClain and John Blanca, should step down. Jackson's entire fortune was left to his mother and three kids.

"They [executors of the will] will not stand down because the siblings who were left out of Michael's will want them to," said Zia Modabber, who is the attorney of the Jackson estate.

Howard Mann, Katherine Jackson's business partner, believed money is pulling the family apart.

"I believe that Katherine and the children who are benefactors of the estate fall on one side, and then Randy, Jermaine and Rebbie and Tito fall on the other side," Mann said. "They're a group of people who have a great deal of questions about the administration of the estate."

Modabber said, "I can't speak for them. I don't know what's motivating Jermaine and Randy and some of these others, but money is not a bad guess."

Modabber and Mann faced off in court Monday in a dispute over Mann and Katherine Jackson's selling Michael Jackson merchandise.

"It doesn't matter that it's Howard Mann and he may give some of the money to his family, to Katherine Jackson or anybody else," Modabber said. "You can't take property that belongs to the estate, make money from it, without getting permission from the estate."

Mann's attorney argues the material is and always was owned by Katherine Jackson and her husband, Joe, and not the late King of Pop.

Michael Jackson's estate is now worth about $1 billion and counting.

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