Kelly Clarkson 'Definitely' Working on Children's Book for Son

The singer added, "But I haven't thought of it yet!"

"I definitely have something in the works for Remy B," Clarkson told ABC News, "but I haven’t thought of it yet!"

As for "River Rose and the Magical Lullaby," Clarkson said when writing the book, she "didn't really think about it too much" -- she just set down the stories she told River. Now that they're an actual book, though, River loves hearing it read to her ... maybe a little too much.

"She loves books. That’s our nighttime thing that we do every night together," Clarkson said.

"Magical Lullaby" is about a trip to the zoo and, said Clarkson, "The carousel is her favorite thing, and all the animals ... she loves animals. She’s 2, it’s like the perfect age ... so I have to read certain pages 1,000 times!"

She laughed, "We’ve gotten through the actual whole book, I think, three times."