Kerry Washington Surprises Fan With Phone Call

Watch the amazing video!

Not only did the company contact the woman, Ebony, to explain that it would be making products for a more diverse set of skin tones, the company also got Washington to join in on a video call with the customer.

The call from Washington was disguised as a call from a "customer service" rep.

"Hi Ebony," Washington says, freaking the young woman out.

"I cannot believe I'm talking to you right now," the woman says to the actress. "I named my daughter Kerry."

“I wanted to personally deliver the message of our expansion and how proud I am of it, and it really meant a lot to me in particular when people asked about why Neutrogena would bring me on if there wasn’t foundation for women of color,” the actress says in the clip. “I’ve been working really hard on expanding our foundations.”

Ebony was overjoyed and explained that she's loved Neutrogena products "forever."

"There's no reason why women of color shouldn't have that ability to wear products that improve our skin," Washington said.

Washington later added in a statement to People magazine, "Inclusivity is a value that is core to my beliefs and a passion of mine. So to be able to be hands on making this technology available to everybody and also coming up with lip colors that look good on everybody … There’s no reason why women of all ethnicities should be like ‘Oh, I love this technology but there is no color for me.’”