Ke$ha Details What She's Looking For in a 'Soul Mate'

Here's a hint: There's one physical attribute that's very important to her.

Oct. 30, 2013 -- Ke$ha is on the prowl.

"I'm sick of dating, I'm sick of boys, I'm sick of the whole game," the "Die Young" singer, whose MTV show, "My Crazy Beautiful Life" premieres tonight, told ABC News. "I just want to find my partner in crime and my soulmate and I feel like we capture that in this season a lot."

After a recent break-up with a "terrible, terrible person" whose name she won't reveal ("I'm not gonna put him on blast because I feel like he'll do something equally as evil to me," she explained), Ke$ha, 26, said it became clear what she was looking for in a boyfriend.

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"What I want is somebody that's outdoorsy and loves animals and is really positive and is really funny and has a big weiner," she said. "That's it."

Physical attributes aside, the love of animals part may be the most important. This season, viewers will travel with her to Alaska, where she watched wildlife, traveled by seaplane and boat, and spent time with a friend who works for National Geographic magazine.

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"I love music but my other main passion is helping animals," she said. "We went to the most remote place I've ever been to -- there was no television, no Wi-Fi, barely any hot water -- and I was up there stuck in a storm for the past couple of days. I spent my time watching a bear eat a dead, rotting whale and watching foxes."

Interested in joining her on her next adventure? Single guys, take note: Ke$ha said she's "totally" open to dating a non-famous person.

"Are you kidding with me?!" she asked. "Underneath my whole exterior I'm actually a hopeless romantic and I just want a 'Bonnie and Clyde' situation. I want my partner in crime. It'll be like us against the world."