Khloe Kardashian Latest Celebrity to Rage Against Air Travel

Khloe Kardashian, Kevin Smith, Donna D'Errico rant about air travel.

Dec. 8, 2010— -- Actor-director Kevin Smith is railing against air travel again, and this time he's joined by Khloe Kardashian and "Baywatch" babe Donna D'Errico.

Smith, who was deemed too fat to fly by Southwest Airlines earlier this year, tweeted his ire about missing a Virgin Airlines flight Monday despite arriving at the gate with first-class tickets minutes before his scheduled departure.

Meanwhile, Kardashian is drawing fire for comments she made Monday comparing the process of passing through airport security to being raped in public.

"Well, they basically are just raping you in public," she told George Lopez on his TBS show.

Kardashian said she opted for a pat down because she didn't want the "X-ray to see everything," but was shocked at how aggressive the screener was.

"They say, 'OK, I'm going to be patting you down and I'm going to be touching the crease of your a--.' That is so inappropriate," she told Lopez, adding, "They are so aggressive and forceful."

Kardashian said when she tried to lower her arms, the screener pushed them back up. "She said, 'Don't move or I'm going to get tough,'" she recalled. "I'm like, 'Going to get tough?' Geez."

That's when Lopez interjected, "She might not have been TSA. She might have been a lady from the bar," drawing laughs.

Former "Baywatch" star D'Errico was more reserved discussing her recent experience with airport screening but still questioned why she was singled out for what she called a "naked scan."

"It is my personal belief that they pulled me aside because they thought I was attractive," D'Errico, who posed for the September 1995 issue of Playboy, told AOL News Monday.

She said a TSA agent told her sarcastically that she was being singled out, "'Because you caught my eye, and they' -- pointing to the other passengers -- 'didn't.'"

D'Errico said she was "outraged" to see the agent "smiling and whispering with two other TSA agents and glancing" at her after the scan.

Unlike her Playboy experience, which involved permissions and a controlled setting, D'Errico said the TSA "decides for you that you will consent to being scanned or felt up, or you simply won't be allowed your constitutional right to travel from one place to another freely."

Kevin Smith Rails Against Airlines Again

Since his Southwest experience, Smith has been wary of flying. His latest encounter with the airlines certainly didn't help.

In a post titled "Virgin shuts its legs, I shut my wallet," Smith wrote: "We pleaded with Manny (the unfriendly face of Virgin America JFK working the gate), pointing out the remaining time (there were still 8 minutes before scheduled departure), and pointing out that the jetway was still attached to the plane."

Smith was also angry that the Virgin staff, whom he dubbed "petty, lazy, unhelpful," did not retrieve from the plane his wife's luggage, which contained medication she needed.

Smith had hired a concierge service, upon friend Ben Affleck's recommendation, to get him on board at the last minute so passengers wouldn't gawk at his size.

"When you're the Too Fat To Fly guy on a plane? Well, everyone stares. Then the whispering starts. A hundred people look right at you -- when you're not on a stage. It kinda blows," he wrote.

Even though the concierge service failed to get him on the plane, Smith received an apology, a full refund and a free ticket from Virgin for his trouble.

"Unlike Southworst, @VirginAtlantic seems to care," he Tweeted.

Too Fat to Fly

In February, Smith Tweeted about being removed from a Southwest flight for being too fat.

In accordance with Southwest's "customers of size" policy, Smith had purchased two tickets but then stood by for an earlier flight, which had one seat remaining. That is when the airline forced him off the plane.

He responded with the ultimate "tweak out," flooding his Twitter page with angry messages against the airline.

His first tweet read, "Dear @SouthwestAir I know I'm fat, but was [the] captain […] really justified in throwing me off a flight for which I was already seated?"

Smith was irate, tweeting, "So, @SouthwestAir, go f*** yourself. I broke no regulation, offered no "safety risk" (what, was I gonna roll on a fellow passenger?)"When he later boarded another flight, he posted a picture of himself in the seat, writing, "Hey @SouthwestAir Look how fat I am on your plane! Quick! Throw me off!"

Upon landing in Burbank from Oakland, he tweeted, "Hey @SouthwestAir I've landed in Burbank. Don't worry: wall of the plane was opened & I was airlifted out while Richard Simmons supervised."

The airline is not laughing. They tweeted multiple apologies and offered Smith a $100 voucher. He refused the coupon and responded with another tweet: "F*** your apologetic $100 voucher, @SouthwestAir"

ABC News' Yunji de Nies and Suzanne Yeo contributed to this report.