Khloe Kardashian Opens Up About Sex Life with Rapper French Montana

The reality star dishes on how long it's been since they've been intimate.

— -- Khloe Kardashian is opening up about her love life with new boyfriend French Montana.

The "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star, 30, spoke to Power 105.1's Angie Martinez Thursday and revealed that during Ramadan, a month of fasting for the Muslim culture, which Montana follows, they have not been having sex.

Marinez pointed out that during the month, there's "no eating, no drinking, no smoking ... Wait. There's no sex! How's that been?"

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Kardashian joked right back saying their relationship minus the intimacy has been "So fun. That’s why he’s wearing all white. He’s so pure and holy right now ... He's virginal."

Kardashian also admitted she's been "torturing him" during the holy month.

"I have been," Kardashian said laughing. "Every single day, torture."

As for French's appearance on the show, Kardashian said fans will get to see him -- a bit.

"I let him on, but I keep him a little private, you gotta keep, I've learned from my past, some things a little more private," she said. "Gotta keep some things a little more close to my heart."

Kardashian called the rapper one of "the funniest people I've ever met in my life. You cannot stop laughing, like crying laughing."

"People are going to comment no matter what, if I dated like the most clean cut, perfect guy, they are going to comment," Kardashian said about people saying Montana is going to end up hurting the newly divorced reality star. "That's just the way it is, so if I'm having fun and I like this kid, no one else should care. They’re not f------ him. So why do they care?”

She added that while his reputation might be a little bit of a bad boy, "he can be a softy sometime" too.

"You can't believe the hype," she said.