As Kid, Jake Gyllenhaal Wrote 'Complaint Letter' to KFC

Do you remember Chicken Littles? The actor sure does.

— -- Jake Gyllenhaal loved Kentucky Fried Chicken as a kid, especially the tasty Chicken Littles.

While talking about his new movie, "Demolition," the actor, 34, explained to reporters that he once wrote a complaint letter after KFC took the Littles off the menu.

"I don’t know if you remember: Kentucky Fried Chicken, when I was a kid, they had these things, [Chicken Littles] … like little hamburgers, but they were fried little chicken nuggets," he said, according to People magazine.

He added, "Anyway, they discontinued them, and in school, we were told to learn how to write a complaint letter, right? So I wrote a complaint letter to Kentucky telling them [put them back on the menu]."