Kim Kardashian Admits, 'I Gained Some Weight Back'

The reality TV star is back on the Atkins diet.

March 20, 2014 -- Maybe she sees something we don't?

Kim Kardashian says she thinks she's gained weight, and now she's doing something about it.

The reality TV star, 33, is back on the Atkins diet.

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"I actually saw I gained some weight back when I saw pics of myself and started it again," she wrote on MobioInsider. "Had to check myself."

She also revealed that she works out five times a week.

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However, Kardashian also lets herself splurge from time to time.

On Thursday night, she tweeted that she planned to have garlic noodles from the Beverly Hills eatery Crustacean.

"Can't wait for a yummy girls dinner!" she wrote. "#GoodEnoughToBreakMyDiet."