Lady Gaga on Not Having Sex, Still Doing Drugs

Pop sensation overshares about sex, drugs in September's Vanity Fair.

Aug. 3, 2010 — -- With Lady Gaga, truth is always stranger than fiction.

The pop sensation of the moment (she just scored a record 13 MTV Video Music Award nominations) dropped a few more TMI bombs in an interview featured in Vanity Fair's September issue. Notably: as an arteest, she's very protective of what penetrates her psyche.

"I have this weird thing that if I sleep with someone they're going to take my creativity from me through my vagina," she told the magazine.

Gaga doesn't treat her other orifices with the same level of caution. She admitted that while she's "terrified of heroin," she used to abuse "mostly cocaine" and still does drugs when the mood strikes her.

"I won't lie; it's occasional," she told Vanity Fair about her drug use. "And when I say occasional, I mean maybe a couple of times a year."

That doesn't mean she wants her Little Monsters (her pet name for her fans) dabbling in drugs.

"I do not want my fans to ever emulate that or be that way," Gaga said. "I don't want my fans to think they have to be that way to be great. It's in the past. It was a low point, and it led to disaster."

Gaga's Vanity Fair overshare joins a host of others she's offered about herself. Below, five of Gaga's recent quotable quips:

-- On slaying her self-doubt: "When I wake up in the morning, I feel just like any other insecure 24-year-old girl. Then I say, 'B***h, you're Lady Gaga, you get up and walk the walk today.'" (Via Rolling Stone.)

-- On maintaining the illusion that is Gaga: "If I were to ever, God forbid, get hurt onstage and my fans were screaming outside of the hospital, waiting for me to come out, I'd come out as Gaga ... I don't even drink water onstage in front of anybody, because I want them to focus on the fantasy of the music." (Via Rolling Stone.)

-- On healthy living: "A little MDMA [Ecstasy] once in a while never killed anybody, but I really don't do drugs. I don't touch cocaine any more. I don't smoke. Well, maybe a single cigarette -- with whisky -- while I'm working, because it just frees my mind a little bit. But I care about my voice. The thrill of my voice being healthy on stage is really special. I take care of myself." (Via the Times of London.)

-- On the rumor that she has a penis: "I love the rumor that I have a penis. I'm fascinated by it. In fact, it makes me love my fans even more that this rumor is in the world because 17,000 of them come to an arena every night and they don't care if I'm a man, a woman, a hermaphrodite, gay, straight, transgendered, or transsexual. They don't care! They are there for the music and the freedom." (Via French television program "Sept a Huit.")

-- On her diet: "Pop stars should not eat." (Via New York Magazine.)

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