Late-night comedians react to Trump's 'much bigger' nuclear button comment

Late-night comedians took aim at Trump on Tuesday after he taunted North Korea.

“Please don’t make me picture your ‘button,’” Colbert tweeted Tuesday. “Also don’t start a nuclear war, you ‘Buttonhead.’”

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un issued a warning to the U.S. during his annual New Year's Day address, claiming to have a complete nuclear arsenal and a nuclear button on his desk. But he also struck a conciliatory tone with South Korea and expressed interest in competing in the Olympic games there next month.

He went on to credit Trump for inspiring what would essentially be the nations’ first diplomatic conversation in years.

“North and South Korea now want to come to the table for talks that won't include the United States,” Noah said. “And that's the power of Donald Trump.”

“No matter how far apart two adversaries are, they can always look at each other and say, 'We better sort this out before that guy gets involved,'” Noah added, referring to Trump.