Late-night comedians applaud diverse 2018 Oscar nominations

The nominations for this year's Academy Awards were announced on Tuesday.

— -- Late-night TV hosts weighed in on this year's Academy Awards nominations on Tuesday, with some applauding the Academy for its attempts to honor diversity, while others used it as an opportunity to mock last year’s epic Best Picture flub.

"I'm excited! I can't wait to see who accidentally wins Best Picture," Kimmel joked, referring to last year's Best Picture flub.

"The Shape of Water" led the way with 13 nominations, including one for Best Picture.

But in true late-night TV fashion, Kimmel found a way to sneak in a President Trump joke.

“I think they missed this picture, it was the best picture of 2017,” he said before showing an image of Trump with his wife and son looking at the solar eclipse.

“These are the first Oscars in the wake of the #metoo movement, which means there will be some changes. For instance, the Oscar statue will now be fully clothed,” Colbert said.

“Meanwhile, Jordan Peele was nominated for directing ‘Get Out,’ making him only the fifth black director ever nominated for a best directing Oscar,” he noted. “Now, Jordan Peele is invited to a big party thrown by rich white people. I hope he's seen ‘Get Out.’”