'Pop Star' Winner Lexi St.George Debuts Music Video: Is She the Next Internet Sensation?

PHOTO: Lexi St.George, the winner of the Good Morning America Pop Star series, debuted her music video, "Dancing to the Rhythm With Me," on Good Morning America today.PlayDonna Svennenik/ABC News
WATCH 'GMA' Pop Star: Lexi St. George's Big Finish

Could Lexi St.George be the next Internet sensation?

In one week, the 14-year-old girl from Palmdale, Calif., went from being an average teenager singing in high school competitions to go on to star in her own music video as part of "Good Morning America's" Pop Star" challenge.

"I'm shocked. I am just so blessed and excited to be here right now," she said today on "GMA" after debuting her music video, "Dancing to the Rhythm."

WATCH: Lexi's Music Video 'Dancing to the Rhythm'

Lexi was chosen among the dozens of girls who came out to the Los Angeles area flash auditions held by "GMA" and Ark Music Factory. Patrice Wilson, the record label's founder and the man who made the viral mega-hit "Friday" into an overnight success, saw a "star factor" in Lexi.

For Lexi, being chosen was the beginning of her dream come true.

"As I was getting ready for school I'd sing to myself and … be like, 'I'm going to do this one day. I am going to be something some day.' I know that God is going to lead me to the right path and just set me up for the right thing and he did," she said on "GMA," wiping away tears.

Wilson coached the teen through an intensive week-long pop star boot camp, consisting of vocal training, dance lessons, hours in the recording studio and more, to make the music video pop.

"The pressure it was on," Lexi said. "It was really hard, but I guess I just got through because I knew the end was going to be phenomenal. And it was."

One Week to Hit It Big

"Good Morning America" wondered if it's possible to find an everyday teenage girl and launch her to superstardom in just one week. Through American Broadcasting Companies, "GMA" partnered with the record label to produce an original music video with viral potential to become the next big hit.

Lexi will never forget the day she got the knock on her door from Wilson with the news that she was chosen to star in her own music video. Immediately, Wilson whisked her away to record "Dancing to the Rhythm," the song written for her, the song that could change her life.

In the course of four hours, Lexi recorded dozens of takes of her song at famous Hollywood recording studio The Village Studios, the home of hits from the likes of Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera and Sheryl Crow. For Lexi, it was the first taste of the hard work that lay ahead.

In the recording booth, the power of singing her own song, instead of someone else's hit, eventually brought out the artist in Lexi.

"I think she's going to rock the world," said mom Louise, who was by her daughter's side during every stage of the Pop Star challenge.

Wilson brought in choreographer-to-the-stars J.R. Taylor, who created a signature move for Lexi, the kind that could make the teen stand out and become a viral hit. The teen accompanied each missed beat with an "Oops," "Uggh," or an exasperated breath before finally gathering her ability and powering through.

"The people were phenomenal. Even if I got down at times, they'd be there to pick me right up," she said. "Patrice [Wilson] is amazing. Without him ... I would not be here right now."

To maximize her star potential, Lexi also got a head-to-toe makeover, every teenage girl's dream, with celebrity stylist Cristophe at his eponymous Beverly Hills salon.

Next stop was Smashbox Studios, Los Angeles' premier photo studio, where her music video was already under production.

After a quick introduction by Wilson to the "wizards," the crew behind her video, Lexi got to work, matching the dance moves she mastered with Taylor to the vocals and lyrics she perfected with Wilson.

The music video debuted on "Good Morning America" today. Can it go viral?

WATCH: Lexi's Music Video 'Dancing to the Rhythm'

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