Liam Neeson Shares Sweet Details of Late Wife Natasha Richardson

PHOTO: Liam Neeson and his wife Wife Natasha Richardson arrive at the Uk Premiere Of The Chronicles Of Narnia in this June 19, 2008, file photo.PlayAntony Jones/UK Press via Getty Images
WATCH Actor Liam Neeson Opens Up About His Personal Life

Liam Neeson tragically lost his wife of 15 years, Natasha Richardson, in 2009.

The action star, 63, has understandably said very little about her or the accident that caused her death seven years ago. But yesterday, he spoke to Radio Andy for the show's "My Favorite Song" segment about his wedding and the surprise his wife pulled in 1994.

The "Taken" star said his favorite song is "Crazy Love" because his wife sang it to him.

"It's a romantic ballad, it's written by Van Morrison," he said. "Behind my back Natasha had been taking singing lessons to sing it to me...after the ceremony, we were all going in to start the night's festivities, she grabbed the microphone and she sang me this."

Neeson said his reaction was "Wow!"

Richardson died in 2009 at the age of 45 due to a head injury she suffered during a ski accident. Years later, Neeson spoke to "60 Minutes" about saying goodbye to his wife in the hospital.

"I told her I loved her. Said, 'Sweetie, you're not coming back from this. You've banged your head. It's – I don't know if you can hear me, but that's – this is what's gone down,'" he told Anderson Cooper in 2014.