Did Mark Hamill Just Drop a Major 'Star Wars' Spoiler?

See for yourself!

— -- Every big "Star Wars" fan was a little bummed when Luke Skywalker wasn't featured heavily in "The Force Awakens," but the faithful might have reason to smile now.

Mark Hamill, who plays Skywalker, may have just dropped one heck of a spoiler.

He posted a tweet with a video getting his facial hair from "The Force Awakens" and presumably "Episode VIII," but left fans with a little message.

"Haven't seen my chin since May '15, so #FarewellFacialFur & #ByeByeBeard (at least til #EpisodeIX) @popculturequest," he wrote.

What caught fans off-guard was the mention of "Episode IX," which means he may not die in the next film, not that he was expected to. But his demise isn't much of a stretch, since major "Star Wars" characters are known to get killed off.

There's also the theory that if he does die, he could be a Force ghost.

So, though Skywalker's fate is still unclear, Hamill should be in at least two more films.