Martha Stewart's Toddler Granddaughter Speaks Three Languages

Jude, 3, also appreciates good caviar.

April 8, 2014 -- Martha Stewart's grandchildren are advanced.

According to the mogul of entertaining, her daughter Alexis' toddlers, Jude, 3, and Truman, 2, are already quite the linguists.

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"The little girl is a genius speaking Spanish and English [and] she's going into Mandarin now," Stewart told People magazine. "And the little boy is very good in Spanish -- very fluent!"

Stewart became a grandmother for the first time in 2011, when her daughter Alexis welcomed a daughter via gestational surrogate. Almost exactly one year later, baby Truman came along, also via surrogate. Now, Stewart said that both children are well-developed kids with "an extremely sophisticated palate."

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"They love good food! They love cacio e pepe pasta. They like mushrooms. They like caviar," she said, adding that she "totally" loves being a grandmother. "[But] they're not allowed to have sugar or butter so I have to temper my penchant for those things."