Meet the Cast of the New Series 'Galavant'

It premieres tonight on ABC.

— -- On Sunday, the show "Galavant" will premiere on ABC.

For Karen David, who plays Princess Isabella, getting the script for a musical, medieval singing was an exciting moment, though she realizes that some might not fully understand the concept at first.

"It's a lot to take in," she told ABC News with laugh. "But it's the ones that are a little different that you should take a chance on. There's something for everyone! If you love 'Monty Python' and 'The Princess Bride,' this is the algebraic equation of 'Galavant.'"

It doesn't hurt that the cast has gelled so well. David, who said that originally, her part was meant for a Jennifer Lawrence lookalike ("When I left, Dan [Fogleman, the creator] apparently said, 'That's my Jennifer Lawrence, a little bit more tan!'") gave ABC News the rundown on a few of her castmates and what life is like behind-the-scenes.

Joshua Sasse, who plays Galavant: Sasse, who has also been seen in "The Neighbors," is getting his breakout role on this show. However, David revealed that he's also an ace in the kitchen. "Josh makes the best Scottish porridge," she said. "When we were shooting the pilot we had a bonding weekend at this lovely place in Ludlow where Josh grew up and he made breakfast in the morning. He said, 'It's all about whipping that cream and doing it for a long time.'"

Luke Youngblood, who plays sidekick Sid: Originally, Sid, who assists Galavant, was to be cast as a scrawny boy, according to David. However, "Luke is so perfect. He embodies the whole spirit of Sid," she gushed. In real-life, Youngblood is known on-set for his dance moves. "He can do a mean twerk," she said. "He gets us all up and moving when it's 5 in the morning and we need to wake up."

Timothy Omundson, who plays King Richard, and Vinnie Jones, who plays his henchman Gareth: Both acting vets, David said that not only does the cast look up to them, but also, they help keep the mood light. "There's a little cheekiness in all of us," she said. "We're in fits of laughter between takes and that's what makes the experience so much more fun!"

Mallory Jansen, who plays Magdalena: The Australian actress is also a good cook, which David said "is the way to our hearts." "Mallory makes the best Greek salad," she said. "It's so funny because the cast will call me and [ask], 'What are you doing for lunch?' I'll say, 'I have leftovers,' and they say, 'I'm coming over,' and we eat leftover curry that my husband cooks. It's an open door!"