Meet the Cast of the New Series 'Galavant'

It premieres tonight on ABC.

— -- On Sunday, the show "Galavant" will premiere on ABC.

For Karen David, who plays Princess Isabella, getting the script for a musical, medieval singing was an exciting moment, though she realizes that some might not fully understand the concept at first.

"It's a lot to take in," she told ABC News with laugh. "But it's the ones that are a little different that you should take a chance on. There's something for everyone! If you love 'Monty Python' and 'The Princess Bride,' this is the algebraic equation of 'Galavant.'"

Luke Youngblood, who plays sidekick Sid: Originally, Sid, who assists Galavant, was to be cast as a scrawny boy, according to David. However, "Luke is so perfect. He embodies the whole spirit of Sid," she gushed. In real-life, Youngblood is known on-set for his dance moves. "He can do a mean twerk," she said. "He gets us all up and moving when it's 5 in the morning and we need to wake up."

Timothy Omundson, who plays King Richard, and Vinnie Jones, who plays his henchman Gareth: Both acting vets, David said that not only does the cast look up to them, but also, they help keep the mood light. "There's a little cheekiness in all of us," she said. "We're in fits of laughter between takes and that's what makes the experience so much more fun!"